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Looking forward to seeing all of the smiling faces at Camp!

Can you believe it is MARCH!!!! In no time 4S Ranch will be a host to over 100 children and young adults. The words servant leadership keep tugging at my heart.

Some days I think.... wouldn't it be nice to be a participant in one of 4S Ranch's camps and let someone else do all the entertaining? The more I thought about it- the more it sounded like a great idea! But then I remembered....I run this place, and I keep hearing the words servant leadership in my head and my heart.

What does servant leadership even mean? I think it means being more like Jesus. Putting the needs of others before myself and focusing on the children and adults I serve and asking the question, "Are those I am serving growing as they become better because of my leadership?"

2024 will be a year of a different kind of fun for all involved. I can be a participant AND a servant leader....and that sounds like an amazing life to me- to lead with love and servitude but also be able to join in on all the fun!

There are really great things happening at 4S Ranch- and I cannot wait to see you all and Play, Love, Serve, and give you 110%!

Register for camp- limited spots!

God Bless you until we see each other again-


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