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What it's like to live, work, and homeschool at 4S Ranch!

Written By Ciara Joy Strommen

Living at 4S Ranch is so much fun and so exciting. Between horse camps, and lessons, there is definitely a lot to do around the Ranch! I help out with every horse camp I can, and I love getting to know, and have fun with all the kids that come! Lessons, on the other hand, don't intrigue me.

Homeschooling here at 4S Ranch is not what you'd expect. I do a lot of school- work, focused on the basics, and what I need to know when I get my own house, car, job, etc. We also go to a bunch of libraries, and fun places to do our school work. We go to the Beloit YMCA for gym class, and whenever the vet comes out to work on our animals, Carsyn and I are usually out there learning... if its warm outside! We go to work with our dad and work in the garden with mom! Working in the barn is not always my favorite, specifically cleaning stalls, or the cow pen. But going outside to feed the cows is my favorite! I love the cows so much, I go and hangout with them or bring my books out and read with them! They are so cute! But that's life at the Ranch!

This is a picture of my best horse Snapper!

This is what I am doing when I am not working on the Ranch! Dance is my passion and I am glad I can homeschool so I can train for competitions too!

Whatever you do.... follow your dreams, never settle and never give up!

See you at the Ranch!

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