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Who is 4S Ranch & Forge?

Whoa.....big question. Definitely deserves a big answer.

4S Ranch is home to Eddy, Cassandra, Ciara, Carsyn, Colton (Mini Aussie), Charlie (Aussie mix), Biggie Smalls (gangster indoor/outdoor cat) Snapper, Ledley, Huey, Will, Chevy, Penny, and various barn cats. Ope, I almost forgot the cattle- Decaf, Slim Jim, and Baby. We actually ride them!!!! Why would we do that? Not sure, considering they have many other purposes- apparently we ride everything!

Living on the ranch is a wonderful life, complete with many adventures, laughter, tears, ups and downs, chaos, adventure and crazy events lol!

I am going to give you a glimpse into who 4S ranch is from my perspective. My name is Cassandra, and I am a child of God, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a godmother, a friend, a horseman, a runner, an animal caregiver and passionate horse lover. I am a learner, a hard worker, a housekeeper, a gardener, a homeschooler, a patriotic American who loves this country..., an Army Veteran, a camp director, a teacher, a lover of children and all of the possibilities of this amazing life! I am definitely the glass is half full- and I am a fighter. If you know me, you know I advocate for children and animals, I fight for what I believe in regardless of what others think, and I am not afraid to face confrontation or hard things. I believe in hard work and try, dedication and courage.

And this is our story. In 2007 we purchased 5 acres and a run down house and barns. Our vision was to whatever capacity that lead us. Young and full of ideas, Eddy and I, along with so much help from friends and family renovated the house and barns and turned

this place into a beautiful Ranch to welcome anyone who happens to visit!

We love our little Ranch and although it is far from perfect- it serves people, animals and encourages growth and PEACE for all!!!!!!

Fast forward- two beautiful girls later, Rodeo careers in the rearview mirror, homeschooling and grey hair starting to set up camp.... and 4 more acres purchased.....

We heard our calling!

Horse Camp for kids!!!!! I have a background working for the YMCA in camping programs, so it naturally fit! We live for serving youth at 4S Ranch. Both of our girls are involved in planning and executing summer camp for kids, and helping with lessons. Eddy stays busy with his Farrier business serving clients, and hosting "Hammer Ins" for farriers to work on shoeing skills. We pour our hearts into every program that happens at 4S Ranch and we love to welcome all that want to spend time learning horsemanship and "humanship". Everyone is welcome.

Horses heal us, I can tell you from experience. Horses are intuitive and kind at their very core. We can all benefit from a little kindness and care from a 1200lb animal....

Thank you for reading my rendition of WHO 4S Ranch is....coming soon- Who is Carsyn Faith?

Hope to see you at 4S soon!

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Kim Brown-LeBoeuf
Kim Brown-LeBoeuf
Mar 19, 2023

Love this Cassie!

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